Happy Christmas

Hi Everyone,

Every Christmas I give myself the task of writing a Christmas song, hope you like these three.

MerryMerryChristmas__WhereHaveYouGone_772x551_V2” Merry Merry Christmas …
Where have you Gone ?”

A reflection on Christmas Present with all the self absorption and commercialism. Invite the true spirit of Yuletide into yourself and spend some time in nature away from the cities of Christmas Future.

One day this will be our Christmas Past. The Now is a gift,  thats why its called the Present, lets make it count.

” Comrades At Christmas” 


True story of in the First World War an unofficial truce occurred between the English and German soldiers.  The voices of soldiers singing Christmas songs brought a temporary respite in the war and there was peace for a short time.

War is where old men send young men to die. Global elites play chess through out our history.

Propaganda makes killing other human beings easier. It took the magic of music through Christmas Carols to reach these young men.

“Thank God It’s Christmas”Thank_God_Its_Christmas_V3resixze

A homeless guy sitting in a doorway on Christmas Eve, watching the wealthy cars fly by loaded with gifts.

He enters a dream state seeing his life telescope into flash backs and wonders how he got there.

“Winters Coda”CODA_1

Piano instrumental piece expressing the moving atmosphere of a cold Winters sunset. See the illustration with musical symbols.

The piece wrote itself after returning from a winters walk in northern woodlands and sitting down at the piano.

As a writer the was one of those rare magical moments when music is given as a gift from another realm.

Yule time is magic created by contact with nature at its most beautifully bleak.

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